Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feeling Irish

“You don’t have to be Irish to be one on St. Paddy’s day…” Isn’t that a catchy phrase? But why do we like to feel Irish? At first I thought, it has to be the alcohol infused euphoria of celebrating with green colors, tons of beer, music and friends. After two years in a row of hosting a St.Patrick’s day party, I thought that was my case.

This will be the first year after two “go-green, drink free, have fun” bashes, that I have the time to think about what makes me feel Irish, even though I am not (and for the record, it has been a family urban legend since I can recall, our Irish inheritance that is).

This year I am away, alone, working, after two extremely intense weeks full of traveling, life-changing events and deep feelings. Thinking about the luck of the Irish, the Irish –Celtic rock and folk music I love so much and the energy those tunes bring me; my restless Irish terrier always ready to play and up for some hugs; Boston and the Red Sox (and how close we are for opening season!), of the Irish pubs and their live music, Celtic dances, stout beer and sharp cheddar. Remembering the sad movies and books about how difficult life has been for the Irish, forcing them to migrate away from their own country and make their own luck, but staying together and keeping the faith. Surfing all those mental images I have of the feisty Irishman, full of courage, pride, tradition, loyalty and passion, never giving up, always up for more, ready for the next fight. Not always right, but with the conviction of their own ideals that makes them strong.

That is my idea of being Irish, that’s what makes me feel like one: the fact that I want to fight for what I want and enjoy every minute of it, to keep up with the challenges every day bring, to never let go and recover fast from the falls, because I don’t want to waste my life making plans for when the time is right. Feel happy even with the smallest things, only because they make me smile; never to ease my passionate mind but always slow down to aim right. Trust in my instincts, follow my heart and keep the faith. Not to be afraid of love, express it, share it and let it flow back. That’s the spirit I want to have. That’s what I want to be… to always remember, to never forget…that it’s all up to me.

Happy St. Patrick ’s Day!


  1. "I don't want to waste my life making plans for when the time is right"...such wise words from such wise friend :) Always remember them.

  2. que sabio prima y que profundo, me hace recapacitar en que normalmente St. Patricks es de ver gente en las calles euforica alcoholizada pero en realidad es mucho mas profundo que esto y tiene una historia que ahora gracias a ti la se. Muy interesante y muy padre la relacion que encontraste con tu entereza y con tu pasion por la vida y por vivirla cada dia como lo haces y como un ejemplo para todos los que te conocemos y te queremos tanto! love u and love it!

  3. Estuve en Irlanda por 10 dìas, unos años atràs, en Dublìn, Connemara y en las islas Aran. Quedè enamorado de su gente, sus charlas, su pasado!
    Hermoso relato, lograste hacerme recordas aquellos momentos vividos en Irlanda...


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