Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fortunately, Unfortunately - by Ryan Osmond

Ryan Osmond

Fortunately, one day Kyle won a lottery ticket. Unfortunately, it was in Japan.
Fortunately, there was an airplane in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the time he got there, there was a thunderstorm.
Fortunately, the clouds lowered, so the plane could lift off. Unfortunately, it started to hail.
Fortunately, he parachuted into Japan. Unfortunately, he landed on a fire.
Fortunately, the fire got put out. Unfortunately, he fell in an open manhole.
Fortunately, there was another manhole near by. Unfortunately, there was a giant troll ready to attack him.
Fortunately, it was only a statue. Unfortunately, now he was a mile away from the lottery ticket office.
Fortunately, there was a taxi. Unfortunately, he was short on money.
Fortunately, there was a bank. Unfortunately, by the time he got back from the bank the taxi was gone.
Fortunately, he brought a phone. Unfortunately, the new taxi ran out of gas.
Fortunately, it was right at the lottery ticket office! 
About the author
Ryan is an amazing  Canadian-Mexican 8 year old boy. His creativity is beyond limits. Used to have an imaginary friend called Guga. He loves  snow boarding, surfing, camping, rocks and backyard science. Ryan lives in Vancouver, BC with his parents, He is my best friend's son and Godson by heart...he is my beautiful, beautiful boy.


  1. ha great story man...i like how it went back and forth the whole way...and a nice happy ending too...keep writing man...

  2. Amiguita, thank you for having Ryan as your special guest! We both love you and miss you!

  3. Hi Ryan. We loved your story. Mia loves that it ended with fortunately. I love how creative you are. Keep writing!!!
    Denisse (your Tia Olga's sister).

  4. Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it with us, OJ!

  5. He sounds wonderful, creative and smart. Nice that he's in your life.

  6. OJ-- Ryan is quite creative. I am sure having you in his life will help his creativity flourish...


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