Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter thought

In my next life I wanna be the Easter bunny...  is fluffy (not fat), eats tons of chocolate without remorse, is super cute and soft, everybody loves it, wears pink with style and works ONE DAY PER YEAR!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lost in Brazil...found by a sister.

Sao Paulo, Brazil April 10, 2011
For the last 10 days I have been working non-stop in Brazil...and by non-stop I really mean it - Saturdays, Sundays, midnights, all-nighters, the works. The hardest part is not the stress, the tiredness, lack of sleep or scattered meals... the hardest part is realizing all the things I've been missing for 10 days...from my weekends at home, waking up to a fresh mug of coffee, Murphy jumping up to bed and hubby by my side to my cousins singing with me out loud, laughing, planning, dreaming.
The feeling of control over my time and actions, lost. Routine dictated by the endless tasks, trial and error, pressure added by impossible's like I've been living in a non-stop deja waking up in the middle of The Groundhog Day movie.

And yet today, I found the nicest surprise:  a fellow blogger passed on a blogger's award...The Sisters of the Quill award...I am touched. She passed this award to (and I quote) "deserving writers, to women whose talent needs to be recognized"  - I feel commited to keep up the huge faith my dear Sioux has on my amateur writing...thank you very much!

The proclamation is to spread the sisterhood! I would like to pass it over to five fantastic writers that always impress me, inspire me, move me and create a connection with their words, heart and soul:

Green Monkey Tales  to her wit and sensibility
F8hasit to her poignant realism and brave heart
My Daily Spirit  to her poetry, romanticism, faith in life.
Everyday Goddess  to her tales, stories and fantastic imagination
Becky Povich to her humor, energy, good her generous soul.

Pass it on!!!

"...Because it is in writing where I found my is in reading where my soul reflects." OJG

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hibernate/ /Restart

Every time I feel like writing, there is an impulse stopping me by.

Procrastination is taking over my usual flow of inspiration

My source of stories locked somehow.

I have so many things to share… my latest journeys, dreams accomplished

People met, places visited, baseball and much more plans.

What to do when work is taking most of your usual enjoyable time?

Worst part is work used to be a pleasure…but is starting to feel like too much.

How to react when you need to take a break from taking breaks?

Where to start to force your brain to think again in full paragraphs

In rhythmic sentences and simple lines, or at least in short sarcastic remarks.

My eyes are tired…my body aches. It has been a little bit too much.

Excuse myself for this humble attempt to write, to write again

But here I am at least just trying, to break my dry spell for a day.