Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A bad dream… wasn't it?

Santiago de Chile, October 19th 2009
It was one of those nights, away from home in my hotel room. Tired from a long day of meetings, documentation, decision making and a nice seafood dinner with colleagues that lasted longer than desired for a Monday night; I was finally there, ready for bed.

I was debating in the dark with my eyes closed if it was good to watch some TV or better to drift away, a moment that could’ve lasted forever if I was awake or maybe I was already gone. And then I heard, a loud voice, it seemed like a cry or perhaps just a whine; it was awfully close, could it be the TV? But then a second voice and the clear sound of struggle: door slamming, knocking and banging, then the voices again: “Págame, págame, tu me robaste!” and the next: “Get out of here!” and then again: “You owe me, págame, tu me culeáste! Dame mi dinero!” with a reply back: “dinero? You want money? no way Jose! OUT! OUT! OUT!”

It was disturbing and very surreal; I was in my refuge, at a good brand hotel, is it possible that something like that is actually happening in the middle of the night? The worst part was, even if I couldn’t see a thing, both voices sounded, oh so manly. The supposedly unpaid sex service claim came from a very masculine Peruvian voice. The authoritarian order to leave the former pristine room was executed by a deep repented American middle age-crisis masculine voice.

And yes, neither the one paying for the room nor the visitor asking for his money, cared about the rest of the 12th floor guests, some of which were calling desperately the “at your service” extension, yours truly included, to report the bizarre incident that was escalating to terms like “Ayúdenme!! No me pegues! Help por favor! Alguien que me ayude!” followed by: “I alredy paid for your services, now you want more money? Enough already! Out, Out now!” It was both scary and I have to confess, a little bit funny in a way. I guess I felt safe behind my locked dead-bolted door, with my super duper power of calling “at your service” whose super duper powers were limited to sending the night manager and a small skinny bellboy to the rescue. (In case you were wondering, yes, by now I was looking thru the peephole and that was all I could see).

The two heroes knocked at the crime scene in progress door after being hearing the development inside, long enough to realize it was a text-book confession of a not so legal carnal activity (and if I was able to hear loud and clear, they were pretty much absorbing the words by direct osmosis). “Is every thing ok, sir?” was the best they could manage to say, then the Incan Diva got carried away with a very explicit story about how many times the gallant guest did her (oh yes, by now I knew the Peruvian-sounding male was a Peruvian-sounding butterfly), that then he paid 140 bucks for the services,  that such money got extracted from her purse when she went to the bathroom, then she started screaming: “Ladron! Este es un gringo disfrazado de ladron! Yes, you gringo thief! “. The two hotel wannabe guards allowed the other side of the story to be heard, which was the coolest made up version of the innocent foreigner in a wonder- land of the have sex with strangers for free: “ I was in the lobby, minding my own business with my book, when she came on to me, and I thought, you know, one night stand… and then we consensually agreed to make all the love, you know, to come upstairs to my room, and you know, ehem, do the intercourse-o”… I was laughing inside, saying: yeah right, you freak!... but apparently that was all the rescue squad needed, since the speaking-one just said: “I hear you, no problem sir; is “she” staying here with you or do you want her out of your room?” then the man: “oh no, OUT OF HERE! Pronto!”… the crying game-look alike asked: “que dijo? Que pasa? Y mi dinero?”, only to hear her time was up, that she was not even a legal alien in this country (but an alien nonetheless, I thought) and that they were calling the police if she refused to leave the premises.

After that convincing argument she was fixing to leave, but not before spitting the last part of the cursing speech full of “ya lo pagarás, gringo ladrón, call police, the gringo bad, me good, this is my finger” in a desperate attempt of speaking some English… that was the end, a settlement of 20 dollars for a taxi, an escorted out of the place midnight queen, a finally closed quiet door two rooms to my left… with a bitter flavor in my mouth of anonymously witnessing the sad story of the desperate cheap working “girl”, the man who risked too much and the deep unexpected feeling of pity and unfairness the whole thing left behind.

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  1. Funny post Olgster!! it reads like a Chuck Palahniuk story. Please stay safe! and pay your slave's services upfront!


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