Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To be or not to be is not the question, but what am I now and when am I going to be?

New York is a city of contrasts. Some are eating a nice serving of caviar with the nicest fixings and the best white wine while the servers are carrying one day worth of wages on their trays. But without the ones who are willing to pay for that, the others will not get the good tip that the service will deserve. It is indeed a contrast, but a necessary evil.
Who ever is capable of enjoying the good life is also capable of providing a better life to others. That is the spirit. That should be the purpose. That should be the silent meaning of a so called vanity of life.

The key is in the enjoyment – if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, whether is serving, eating, drinking or doing, you are not getting the point. Poor is the one who pretend. Pretending to be inferior because you can’t afford does not make you good. Pretending you like it because is expensive does not make you better. You must be real. You must find the beauty and the meaning in the moment you are living; once you served, regardless of your field or duty, therefore you’ll be served. It is the balance in life. Otherwise is poor and simple vanity and playing martyr and fool.

Who is rich? Who deserves? Who must wait? Rich is not the one who has… rich is the one who feels comfortable and full in whatever they do. Life is too short; it must be lived in first class. But everybody’s first class is different. If you pretend and try to live what is not within your reach, then you won’t enjoy. If you expend without thinking in your primal needs then you will fail. You must find the middle point – the point that makes you feel YOU. The point that feels natural, the point that makes you feel good. Otherwise you are faking it. Whether you are doing what you should not or if you are saving it for a better day, you both are not getting the point. Life is too short to waste it in laters. Life is too short to be doomed to “why not me”. Is time to be real, to earn what you want to be. To work for what you want to become. Once you live what you are ready to experience, the rest is natural, it falls into place, nothing to prove, nothing to explain. There is no better way to feel yourself then the moment when you realize you are what you are, always enhance able but never inferior. Make the best of your moment and learn the path. You don’t want to owe it to somebody, owe it to yourself. Be true to your own. Be loyal to your principles and always aim high – when the moment is right, there is no better time to enjoy the good times.

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  1. I absolutely agree... We spend so much time wearing a mask, pretending, wasting our precious time with nonsense, that we forget how finite our time is. This is the most humbling text I've read in a looong time. It's a true reminder of the important things. Very down to Earth. You should email it to all your friends and let it go around the world. It's worth reading. It is so refreshing to find someone like you, Olga. I feel grateful. Big hug and kisses!


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