Sunday, October 3, 2010

Never Again...Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Thanks to Life Lines Journaling for the great opportunity to participate in her Alphabet Poems to show in deep appreciation and respect to women around the world living a situation of violence, here is my humble way of encouragement to say: Never Again!!

No words there are to describe, to justify your act
Every time your frustration turns towards my weaken heart 
Vile and ruin your soul has became

Entitled you think you are, because I once loved you, because of our bond.

Right here and now, listen me clearly, listen me well:

Alive I am, strong I am…you don’t frighten me no more

God is by my side, I deserve better… I am better alone;

All I want is to recover my peace, my self-confidence…on my own

Involved in your twisted game I was for too long…one too many times I allowed it, but

No dear, not now, not later…not anymore.

MALO (bad, nasty) is a song with a powerful message, from a strong spanish singer - Bebe. Violence is universal, it has no nationality, language or social class.  Here is the video with English subtitles:

Click here for more:
Domestic Violence Awareness Month


  1. That was truly powerful. I feel your strength in it. Nicely done. Thanks for it.

  2. I enjoyed your acrostic poem, and loved the link to the performance by Bebe. What a wonderful singer---her power and passion and anger increased as the song progressed...

  3. Very beautiful and powerful poem!

  4. Truly love this ~ it's amazing the power that comes through these writings! So glad you joined in!

  5. One of my favorite songs is "I AM WOMAN" by Helen Reddy. I believe that women need a safe place and information when they are in harms way. This is a safe and informative place.

  6. This is an amazing poem, so true and like others said so powerful. If we continue reminding women that are going through this situation that they can get out of it and still have a good life maybe they will get the self-confidence to actually do it....I admire people that dedicate their life and resources to help these women.

  7. Fantastic poem. Issues like this cannot be highlighted enough. No woman should feel afraid.

  8. Olga, I came back and listened to the video. Oh, what a great song. It goes perfectly with this post. (Don't know why I had not listened to it. I think I was so anxious to respond on your poem.) You did a great job with this.

  9. I applaud you! Great poem and exceptional worthy cause.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. thanks for shining the light on this...i work with kids in situations where they have seen far too does need to stop...and some need to stand up to their never agains...powerful write....

  11. This is a terrific post about a subject that really needs light shed on it. Thank you.

  12. Another very important cause to spread the word about! And you've done that so eloquently. I'm glad I've come by tonight to read your words.

    Thanks for coming by & linking Lisa's breast cancer story up on your blog. She's a wonderful woman and even before it became her own personal story, she was spreading awareness.

    You're right, the blogging community is a wonderful means to spreading information & awareness!

  13. I'm impressed. What a great contribution to Domestic Violence Awareness your poem is. And what an amazing music video that accompanied it with its message of the strength a woman has to find if she's ever hopes to get from under domestic violence with her children. May this be the year we see an end to the violence.

  14. This is an Amazing poem! You can really feel the power when you read it, I think it could be a great inspiration for any woman who has decided she has had enough! Great job!

  15. Hola :)

    Thank you for stopping by my place - my poem on domestic violence is my humble attempt to encourage woman to stand for themselves - it is never too late, there is always a way out.
    I love your poem, very powerful - we need to raise awareness.

    estare visitando tu blog :)


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