Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What happened on October 6th?

JFK museum - South Boston, MA

6th October, 1961: President John F. Kennedy advises American families to build bomb shelters to protect them from atomic fallout in the event of a nuclear war. Many Americans did prepare for nuclear war by buying up canned goods and building backyard bomb shelters. Also at the time many home builders offered a bomb shelter as part of new home packages.


Yankee Stadium hall of fame

6th October, 1926: Babe Ruth sets new record in World Series with three home runs and a 10-5 win over the Cardinals.

Lucy  =0 )

6th October, 1966: The hallucinogic drug LSD is declared illegal in the United States. LSD is a Schedule I drug making it illegal to manufacture, buy, possess, process or distribute LSD without a DEA license.

6th October, 2009: my first post was published in this blog!! I can't believe it has been one year already; I am very honored and touched by the comments and support received along this year; in 365 days I can proudly count 60 followers, 81 posts, several image changes (on my blog that is), but foremost, many many blog  friends I've found (and that have found me) via the blogger community.
In case you are wondering what did I post on my first day:
There is music everywhere
Chez Borges  - en español 
THANK YOU ALL!!!!     


  1. Thank you, Olga for all your beautiful posts. It's been such an honor getting to know you. As I read the two posts you suggested and remember others, I see your many dimensions. I hope you keep writing always, your spirit is too precious to keep to yourself.

    Congratulations! A year well spent!

  2. Okay, Olga...I was wondering if you were just noting some interesting happenings on this day, and kept reading, thinking it was a great idea to look back on history once in a while, until I got to the end. What a great way to celebrate the year. I'm a "newborn" blogger--began this summer. However, already I am hooked on the community I'm connecting with.

    Happy Birth on the Blog Day!

  3. yay. congrats...october 20 is my 2 year....happy blogoversary...may you have many more...

  4. Congrats on the milestone, Olga! I'm glad you're out there in the blogosphere and that you stop by my posts so regularly. Isn't it a wonderful community?!!

  5. that WAS great Olga! CHEERS! and Congratulations :)

    (I had no idea LSD was, once upon a time, legalized)

  6. Amiguita! I can't believe it was a year ago when we were talking about you starting a blog. Time really flies. I'm so glad you finally decided to do it. Your words have touched so many people and will continue doing it. You go girl! :)

  7. Ah, Happy Anniversary!

    That is awesome. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Happy Anniversary! I have a present for you on my blog :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. Happy Blogaversary!!!

    I am a new follower from Friday Follow Over 40. Would appreciate it if you could stop by and follow back.

    I am giving a Mrs Santa Claus apron away to one of my followers on December 5.

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! So how does it feel?

    I'm here from Follow Forty....


  11. Oh, congratulations dear OJ! I was like Sioux...thinking what an interesting post...and then's your blogaversary!! I'm so thrilled that we somehow crossed cyber paths! You do write beautifully! I just read your first post....too beautiful for words! Imagine that....a writer can't think of the words! :)

  12. Olga, muchas felicidades!!! Un año y muchas entradas después, estoy seguro de que el blog te ha hecho una mejor persona (aún mejor de lo que ya eras). Porque escribir es mágico, es un ejercicio de absoluta soledad, como nacer o morir. Aunque haya testigos es uno mismo el que escribe, en un espacio que no puede ser más íntimo, el de las ideas.

    Te mando un gran abrazo, la reiteración de todo el cariño que te tengo, que les tengo... y una disculpa por haberme perdido un tiempo como para darte la impresión (equivocada, espero) de que he cambiado algunas prioridades.

    Rafa Barceló Durazo

  13. Happy Blogoversary!

    Builders offer lots of things to sell houses these days, but thankfully, a bonus bombshelter is not one of them!


  14. Happy Blogoversary! Just had my one year last week! I love your blog and the all the interesting travel.

    I'm following my the over 40 FF.

  15. your PS...i keep a notebook with me at all times...i jot down little tonights post came from seeing the graffiti..i wrote that down 2 weeks ago...then i let it it a couple times...sometimes i jot a note, sometimes a will come out when it is ready...

    so i dont know if you were looking for an actual answer, but...smiles.


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