Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn and its colors... a magpie tale

Autumn and its colors
October and its teams
Just a few stay put at the ball park
The rest will be gone for the year.

A challenge that starts every April
In July an all- star fight for the lead
September and the last winds of summer
Bringing up hopes...closing the deal.

Three out of five then four out of seven
National and its pitching… American and its power
It is October’s classic, the hunt for pride and honor
Even though is just America, represented by them both
World Series it is called: one pennant, rings and joy.

But each team’s heart and soul it is nothing but a mix
Of a multicultural selection, the best of the best, the elite:
Dominican, Puerto Rican, American and beyond
Venezuelan, Japanese, Mexican, Cuban and more
All together as a whole… sharing a passion, living a dream
One of hard work, injuries and tears… and above all
For the love and loyalty to the great game of Baseball.

To my beloved RedSox, who didn't make it to the post season this year.

This is a Magpie tale - Mag 35 - for other Magpie tales click:  Magpie Tales 


  1. oh how we love us some baseball...i am a dbacks fan...we used to live in tampa though so go rays...if they can win a game...took my son to 16 spring training games when he was 1....

  2. Wow! Another thing we have in common!! You love baseball, too! I'm so disappointed in my beloved St. Louis Cardinals! What the heck happened to them toward the end of the season?? Well, there's always next year! I'm also a football fan and like many teams and players, but it looks like we got us a winner in our new QB this year! Woot! Go Rams!

  3. I don't follow baseball, but I loved the way you expressed your passion for the sport. Sorry about the red socks.

  4. You should send a copy of this to the Red Sox manager. It's lovely.

  5. I am sure if the Red Sox read Magpie, they would love this writing! Who knows, maybe they do!

  6. I'm a seamhead, too. It is really the only sport I love. I love the Tigers, but they aren't very good.

    When I visited Boston three years ago, we went right by Fenway Park. It was all lit up cos a game was taking place. I think they ended up winning, that year.

  7. Could feel your passion for the sport... America's great past time, loved by so many.

    Nice write.

  8. love watching baseball games.
    fabulous take on the prompt.
    beautiful and playful tale.

  9. that was lovely, and I know the Redsox will appreciate your passion.

  10. This is such a wonderful Magpie!...And there will be a new season next year for the Redsox!

  11. Surely a great ode for baseball! I enjoyed it -

  12. An enjoyable baseball poem. I can see you are a real fan. As for me, I'm a football fan; but I enjoyed your poem nonetheless!

  13. Invite you to try the prompts at Writer's Island...

  14. I always love baseball game..

    it related to our theme .. well done.



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