Thursday, October 15, 2009

The legend of the girl and the whale

It happened one day; unexpectedly. A little girl, staggering found herself exploring the world. Her big blue eyes were full of curiosity and without hesitation she was there, standing still, facing what seemed to be a familiar place; with her little hands she could feel the silent sound of a water world contained by that great transparent wall. She could see the blue brightness covering everything, she was so close to it and yet so calmed.

And just like that, out of the blue, there she was… the white creature swimming towards the glass wall, in circles. Every time around she was getting closer and closer with careful moves. The girl in purple with the big blue eyes stayed right there, in respectful mode, and just like that, a big beluga whale looked straight in to the girls eyes, almost touched the glass… almost face to face...almost suspended in time.

It lasted just one second but that was all it took – the little girl turned around toward us when the whale swam away, her face was different, her mouth opened wide and she said: WOW!.

And from that moment, nothing was the same. The little girl and the beluga whale made a silent pact, a magic deal; the girl got the determination and strength of the big white whale. The beautiful whale got the tenderness and love from the brave little girl.

One day they will be face to face back again; just one more look, a look to share. The girl with the soul of a spirited whale and the beluga with the heart of a little sweet girl.

To Mia, with all my love...


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