Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Independent Mexico...independent mind

Tonight is the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independency. 200 years ago, a priest gathered the people of Mexico with an unusual cry of freedom, ringing the bell of a local church and shouting: "viva Mexico!". 200 years ago that act symbolized the beginning of a free country, then a constitution followed stating, among other things:

"...en libertad de constituirse del modo que más convenga a su felicidad, y con representantes que pueden manifestar su voluntad y sus designios, comienza a hacer uso de tan preciosos dones y declara solemnemente por medio de la Junta Suprema del Imperio, que es una nación soberana e independiente de la antigua España..."28 de septiembre de 1821

"...freedom to form in the way that suits their happiness, and with representatives who can express its will and its designs, begins to make use of such precious gifts and solemnly declare by the Supreme Board of the Empire, that is a sovereign and independent nation from Spain" September 28, 1821.

200 years had past and Mexico, the free country, is not in its best shape. Economically, politically and socially, the nation has challenges that are only aggravated by the lukewarm actions of the politicians. Frustrating it is to see how the crime gets more organized while the law enforcers get, well, not so much.

But not everything is as scary as it seems; all countries have their bad angle, and usually is the one that gets more exposed.  Mexico is also a country full of tradition, culture, gastronomy (is not just tacos, you know?), music, bright minds (does color TV and contraceptive pills ring a bell?), architecture (from prehispanic ruins and pyramids to colonial cities, to art deco buildings and eco-friendly construction), hard work-high spirited people. Mexico is a rich magnificent land offering a wide variety of landscapes, climates, spectacular mountain ranges, water falls, pristine beaches, deserts and jungle... the majority of it, still unexplored, virgin...tourist attractions, such as spring breakers in Cancun, tequila drinking Cinco de Mayo parties and a stiff - off tune mariachi band is just the cheesy-cliché part of a country that is still a mistery, even for the very own mexicans.

I was born in Sonora, a northwest state bordering Arizona. A state that has been taking a big hit by the drug cartels, corruption, injustice and individual interests...but my state nonetheless. And today, I want to open my heart and think of Mexico as the great nation that I want it to be, I invite you to free up your mind and think outside the believe that an independent mind is capable of anything.

Sonora: the real one.


  1. Mexico can be a scary place for some but will always be home for us. You couldn't have said it better, we need to keep up the faith in our Country because if we don't do it, who will???

  2. I'm glad you are celebrating Mexico's treasures. When I was able I always loved going there, a culture so close to mine and a land so beatiful, the people so humble, intelligent, kind and giving.

    I miss it.


  3. Happy 200 years of freedom to Mexico.

    I never knew the colour TV was invented in Mexico. Well, good on the mexicans. I don't know where I would be without it.

    The contraceptive pill I find less useful.

  4. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. You were kind enough to follow me and I have been slow in catching up.

    I'm new here but I'm here. I look forward to future interactions.

    Nice blog! :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. I like the idea of joining cultural neighbors. I'm following your blog.
    Wanna buy a duck

  6. I've read about the bicentennial celebrations going on all over Mexico - but sadly the drug cartels in Ciudad Juarez put an end to a lot of the celebrating there. Funny how a small group can change the mood of a city. Mexico is truly a diverse and beautiful country full of beautiful people and the world knows that. I heard a lot from Juarez came to El Paso so they could celebrate and I'm glad they did.

  7. Living in Southern California I feel a real pull toward Mexico. I have to admit that I imagine that I am living in what used to be Mexico( boundaries are imaginal, aren't they?).The spirit, the culture and rituals of Mexico are enviable. Happy 200 years to you! May your next 200 years be even more free, prosperous and happy.

  8. I am learning Spanish and becoming more aware of all the world out there I can explore through learning a new language. My grandparents were from El Paso, and I feel sadness about the violence in Ciudad Juarez--I'm glad some people were able to go to El Paso to celebrate Mexico's Independence.


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