Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the first time...a Magpie Tale

It was a Christmas Season, a week ahead planned
A family getaway, a log cabin in Pine Top.

The place was quaint and cozy, pine trees and a frozen lake
And then one day after arrival, snow was falling
…for the first time.

A white morning awaited, the kids excited rushed out to play
It was fantastic to watch all the cousins
…including the one and only Verdell.

Verdell geared up with purple jacket and snow boots
… all four of them
Like a precious ballerina, skipping his way towards the lake.

Inside the cabin a non-stop fire, embracing us all
Don Luis telling his stories, Christmas related…scary as well
Wearing brown sleepers and drinking good coffee
…freshly brewed, no sugar, just plain.

It was a holiday to remember... a Christmas away;
The family together, with no rush or other commitment
Than enjoying the moment
…for the first time.

Don Luis is the glue that sticks us together
Our cornerstone, our guide, our center.
Year after year preparing his Cod fish and special tamales
Year after year sharing his peace and love
Teaching us lessons with a single saying

This year will be different
This year he is no longer here
A December that is starting to feel strange.
A Christmas without his physical presence
Without his hugs and “God Bless you”
…for the first time.
“Aquí vino...
y se fue
Vino, nos marco nuestra tarea
y se fue.
…Aquí vino
y se fue
Vino, lleno nuestra caja de caudales
con millones de siglos y de siglos.
nos dejó unas herramientas...
y se fue.” Leon Felipe

For you my love, for us. It hurts, it hurts a lot.

This is a Magpie tale - Mag 43 - for other Magpie tales click  Magpie tales


  1. Oh My! That was beautiful and sad. I so relate, lost my grandfather (our glue) 2 years ago and it still takes the wind out of my sails.

    Wonderful Magpie!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Olga, your words brought tears to my eyes. Wish I had words to bring you comfort and fill the void, but I'm afraid perhaps only time will heal.

    I loved the poem you quoted. My heart is with you.

  3. oh so sad...this is one of the things that make the holidays sad...was just talkiong to my mom today about it..such a joyful time but then we start to look around at those no longer with us...

  4. Christmas will never be the same but you should always get comfort in the knowledge that he is always with you, watching after you all. xoxox

  5. The world is not the same without those lovelies, those glues that hold us together.

  6. Beautiful. You are such a good writer.

  7. No puedo agregar nada comix, los buenos recuerdos de aquel viaje tan fabuloso y la convivencia tan especial al lado de un hombre extraordinario fueron la combinación perfecta. Esos momentos quedaron grabados en loa niños (en aquel entonces)así como en nosotros. Un abrazo.

  8. So sad, wonderful that you managed to describe your feelings with such amazing words! Be well!

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  10. heartfelt sentiments.
    well done.

    Award/Treats 4 Poetic Friends of Jingle, Happy Sunday!

    hope to see you at our potluck tonight, we remain open 72 hours.

  11. Beautiful! I left some bling for you over on my blog, btw.

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  14. Beautiful ~ I so appreciate how real you are in your writing. I hope your holidays are full of cherished memories and peace...


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