Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life according to me, lesson 32

There are moments in life where you want to feel that your day was worth living... other times you want to share and be there...but sometimes you just want to have a nice glass of wine in the middle of the week and say: who cares!! Not only is necessary.


  1. oh "those moments"... even the ones that you don't care are worth living ;) - maybe those are the worthy ones

    I like you lesson 32 :)

    besos desde Uruguay

  2. They definitely ARE necessary. Taking time for yourself is crucial, if we expect ourselves to keep trudging forward.

  3. I know!!! It is totally valid to take time out... and we shouldn't feel bad about it... yet, how come sometimes I feel guilty? might be the martir in me! thanks both for your early (or very late) comments ;)

  4. lol. yes indeed...some days are better wash away by the grape on the palette...or for me an eggnog latte from *bux....

  5. Yes. Somtimes we just have to let go, relax and enjoy the moment.

    I'm glad you're back home. Hope you have time to relax a little now.

  6. Oh you are so right. I've had a day for myself today and refuse to feel guilty about it! It is absolutely necessary.

  7. Good advice. I forget to take time off (the danger of working from home and having so many "careers" going at once).

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