Sunday, December 19, 2010

A motherly state of mind...a Magpie Tale

What is the secret behind a maternal embrace…do you have to be a mother to know?

The warmness of this place, the feeling of safeness, it marks us forever.
A mother love is unconditional, is eternal and is grand…but do you have to be a mother to love like that? Does it come instinctively as an on/off switch you activate the moment of giving birth?

I see images of daily news with so called “mothers” neglecting their children, hurting them… using them…destroying them.

Looking back to my younger years, I was hugged, was loved…but also see me being alone…alone but safe. What a thin line there is between protecting with love and overprotecting with fear.

In my dreams I am a mom… in those dreams my children are perfect, smart, happy, healthy. Four girls and a boy – future leaders, ballerinas, baseball player. I feel them, smell them and something inside me grows like a hurricane so powerful that nothing could stop me. But they are not real; they are just in my head.

Do you have to be a mother to feel like one? Are there different levels of motherhood? Life has some mysterious ways of showing your path, of letting you know what your objective is.

Having a child must not be an obsession. It is not an obligation. We have the choice…do we? Do we really decide when and where? What drives our state of mind to make us find the right moment? Parenthood is a huge commitment, not a trophy, not a must do. Am I going to be a mother one day? The concept comes and goes. It gets clear then it vanishes again. Is not a matter of wanting or choosing… for me is a matter of believing and trusting.

In my heart I am a mother… I am already one. I have five Goddaughters and one Godson…they are all perfect, smart, beautiful…future leaders? Baseball player? Ballerinas? It is all up to them. I know they are not mine… I know they can love me or not. I want to believe they feel the same way I do, that there is a bond somehow greater than simple blood; and who knows, maybe one day they will be sharing with their little brother and sisters, my future children, the same kind of love.

To my children...present and future.

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  1. i dont think you have to be a mother to feel that...and maybe one day...

    speaking of one days...i am finally sening out that painting tomorrow...ugh...i got sidetracked...sorry...

  2. You capture so well what motherhood is all about. How wonderful that you already share your love with your god daughters and others...

  3. Find your own truth about motherhood, I think that's the key. I know you're on the right track - you take parenting so seriously, as it should be. It would be great if the ideal mothering qualities were embraced by us all. And I don't think we all need to physically give birth to give mothering.

    I suspect you are a great Mom to the kids in your life.

  4. we all have the connection to that mothering energy. i feel your heart in your words!

    thanks for leaving word at my place, i tried to email you back directly but your email is not enabled. so far everyone i've talked to about last night was also up. we do have so much to share with all that is.

    wishing you many holiday bliss-ings!

  5. Wow, I'm glad I checked my dashboard. I think this is beautifully posed. I would say any child near you is lucky> :)

    Merry Christmas
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Beautiful thoughts. Merry Christmas to you and yours. xx

  7. What a simply beautiful post! I am only a "loaner" mom -- Even though Rick and I have been together nearly 15 years, we aren't married and I don't even have stepmom status. Yet, after knowing those boys for so long, loving them, having them love me, through youth cancer, challenging teen years, broken bones on the football field, listening to their lovelorn angst -- I, too, feel like I'm a mother -- no birthing required!

    I don't think I realized you were in Tucson. We love Arizona, but that's a spot I've not been. Perhaps sometime!

  8. Wonderful post, loved it. I hope you find a gentle man to love and treasure so you future children will enjoy a home filled with love from both of you.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  9. Such an interesting topic, and I wonder, too. Having foregone motherhood, I am glad that I did. But I envy the experience of those who have had children. You seem to have many children in your life, and you are and will continune to be an important part of their lives. Lucky them and lucky you!

  10. simply amazing,
    what a loving parent you are.

  11. Amiguita, you know that our kids are your kids! I read this on Christmas Day and I just couldn't comment, I got too emotional just by reading it. We can never be sure what life will bring but we certainly can make our own decisions and I know you are one of those people that never regrets her decisions, so whatever your decision is your life will be fulfilled and full of blessings!

  12. Comadrita; la esperanza es una especie de felicidad que no sabes exactamente cuando llegará. Así que mientras llegue ese momento sigue alimentando el corazón de tus ahijados dejando en ellos tu esencia, así como intentamos las mamás hacerlo con nuestros hijos. Dios tiene algo grande preparado para tí. Sé paciente. Te quiero mucho.


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